Willie Edwards Jr

Willie Edwards Jr was a 24 years old African-American man,
he was a husband and father.

Willie was recently hired as a driver for Winn-Dixie, a supermarket chain that was well-known back in the day.

In 1957, a small group of the Ku Klux Klan members gathered in Alabama, they were armed with pistols and a rifle.
Their plan was to go look for Willie Edwards.
Willie was called by his boss to tell him that he needs to come back to work, because his coworker had called in sick.
He left his house but he never returned back.

It was believed that he got abducted and beaten by the KKK members, then pointed a gun at him and commanded him to jump
off the Tyler-Goodwin Bridge.
He fell to his death, and his body was not discovered til it got washed up on the shores 3 months later.

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