Ronald Greene

Ronald Greene was a 49 years old African-American man, who worked as a barber to make a living.

In 2019, Ronald was pulled over for a traffic violation in Louisiana by State Troopers. Ronald did not stop, so the
troopers chased him.

Once he stopped, he raised his hands, repeadetly saying “OK, OK. I’m sorry”, the troopers rushed towards his car,
and within few seconds, they shot him with a stun gun through the window while commanding him to get out of the car.

Once Ronald got out of his car, one trooper put a chokehold on him, got him on the ground, then punched him in the face.
Another trooper struck him multiple times.
As they tried to handcuff Ronald, he was crying “I’m sorry, I’m your brother! I’m scared!”.
They stunned him again with a stun gun.

After handcuffing Ronald, they shackled his legs, then one of the troopers dragged him facedown along the ground.

They left him unattended facedown on the ground, as they cleaned blood off themselves with wipes.

After several minutes, bleeding from his head, he was put in an ambulance.

He was pronounced dead once he arrived to the hospital.


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