Ramarley Graham

Ramarley Graham was an 18 years old Jamaican kid, that lived with his grandmother in her house.

In 2012, Officer Richard Haste spotted Ramarley, and allegedly witnessed that Ramarley was tugging a gun
and that the officers saw the “butt of a gun” on him (No gun was actually found).

In a video evidence, we can see Ramarley casually walking and entering his grandmother’s house, when Richard Haste
chased him inside, even though he had no permission to enter that private home.
The officer opened the door and ran inside to chase Ramarley.

Ramarley was in the bathroom attempting to dump and flush a small amount of marijuana, at that point,
Offier Richard shot multiple rounds at Ramarley (without any struggle or confrontation),
killing him infront of his grandmother.

The officer was charged with manslaughter, but he was found not guilty.

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