Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers was a 37 years old African-American, a civil rights activist, and NAACP’s first field secretary.
He was married and had 3 children, a decorated US army veteran after serving during the WW II.

Medgar lived with constant threats of death, he and his wife trained their kids on what they should do in case
any attempt is made at their lives.

He used to be escorted by at least 2 FBI cars and a police car. But for some reason, at the day of his death
none of his protection was present.

In 1963, Medgar pulled into his house’s driveway after his meeting with NAACP lawyers, as he was exiting his car
a bullet fired by a white supermacist, with a rifle, struck him, passing through his heart. He tried to reach his house, but collapsed
infront of his door.
He was taken to a hospital that refused to let him in because of his race, that was until his family explained
who he was, and that was when they let him in.

He died 50 mins later.

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