Manuel Ellis

Manuel Ellis was a 33 years old black man,
he had 2 children, and his family stated that he had been struggling with meth addiction, depression and schizophrenia.

In 2020, died while being detained by the police.
According to the officers, claimed that Manuel was attacking the police car and the officers, which led to the arrest.
However, civilian witnesses said that Ellis did not do any of that, and that the officers initiated the use of
physical force after a conversation with Ellis.

Video evidence showed the officers punching Ellis, choking, tasing and kneeling on him.
Ellis was not fighting back.

He only kept telling the officers that he “can’t breathe”, multiple times.

He was tied, face-down, and a spit hood was on his head, for at least 6 mins.

Manuel died at the scene while receiving medical aid from the paramedics.

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