Lloyd Stevenson

Lloyd D. “Tony” Stevenson served in the Marine Corps, and aspired to be a state trooper.
He was married and had 5 children, the eldest was 11, and the youngest was less than a year old.

In 1985, he was at a 7-Eleven in Portland, where two clerks were trying to detain a black man
that they suspected of attempting to steal,
Lloyd started trying to keep the crowd back, away from the brawl.

When the police arrived, 3 officers grabbed LLoyd.

Witnessed started calling out saying that the officers got the “wrong guy”, another one grabbed him from behind,
using an arm-hook position to put him to sleep.

Lloyd lost his conscious, then got handcuffed, once they noticed that he became unresponsive, they called an ambulance,
and did not administer CPR.

Tony was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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