Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker was a 26 years old black man, who was trying to create a new life for himself.
He was a student at Houston Community College, and had a son, Jordan Jr.

He lived in a neighborhood that had a lot of burglaries, so the tensions were always high with the police.

In 2014, Jordan was unarmed, riding his bicycle through his neighborhood, when Officer Juventino Castro,
sitting in an unmarked vehicle believed that Jordan was possibly casing the location.

He became a suspect of interest to the officer, since he is a black man in a bad neighborhood.

This officer believed that Jordan matched the description of a suspect, so he began pursuing him with his vehicle.
Jordan got scared and try to run away on foot.

There were no witnesses later on, to tell how did Jordan end up handcuffed, shirtless and shot in his chest.

This officer is still on the force,
while Jordan is dead for something he didn’t even do.

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