Janisha Fonville

Janisha Fonville was a 20 years old black woman.
She lived with her girlfriend in Charlotte, NC.

This girl had a history of self-harm and mood disorder, but she was also very kind with other people.

In 2015, Janisha was threatening to hurt herself again, that is when the police was called to help her.
Her girlfriend asked them to take Janisha to a mental hospital that she had been in before.

But as soon as Officer Holzhauer entered the house, he shot Janisha immediately.

He claimed that she had a knife and rushing towards him, and that he only shot the knife out of her hands.
However, according to the autopsy report, Janisha died due to a gunshot wound to the chest.
And her girlfriend reported that she did not have a knife in her hand.

Janisha died, and the officer did not face any charges.

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