George Floyd

George Floyd, a 46 years old man.

He grew up in Texas, where he played football and basketball throughout his education years.
He took part and was active in the religious community around him.

He lost his job during the corona pandemic in 2020.

In 2020, police officer Derek Chauvin arrested for paying with a counterfiet 20-dollar bill at a grocery store.
He handcuffed George and laid him face-down on the street, kneeling on George’s neck for over 9 minutes.
Two other police officers came to assist in restraining George. While a 4th officer prevented the people from intervening.

George was complaining about having claustrophobia and his inability to breathe.
He was expressing how scared he was of dying.

Few minutes later, he stopped talking. He didn’t make a single motion for a couple of minutes.

Oficer Kueng checked him, and found that he had no pulse.
Knowing that, Derek Chauvin kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

Floyd was dead on the scene.

His murder led to a worldwide protests against the police racism and brutality.

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