Delano Middleton

Delano Herman Middleton was a 17 years old student
attending at the local Wilkinson High School, South Carolina.

In 1968, a bowling alley owner was not allowing African-Americans to enter this bowling alley.
In response, more than 40 students led by John Stroman, attempted to enter this
place while protesting against this racial segregation policy.

The police were waiting for them, and a couple of students were arrested.
However, more students started coming to this protest, angry about the arrests.
A conflict started between the protestors and the police.

Over the next few days, the tensions escalated.

Come February 8, 1968, around 200 student protestors gathered in the SCSU campus to protest against this

Around 10:30pm, the South Carolina Highway Patrol officers started shooting at the crowd
of protestors, with carbines, shotguns and revolvers.

27 people were injured as they were trying to run away,
and 3 African-American men were killed.
Including Delano Middleton.

This day became known as The Orangeburg massacre.

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