Aaron Campbell

Aaron’s mother, Marva Davis, lost both of her boys on the same day, just hours apart,
to heart and kidney failure, and a police shooting.
Aaron and his brother had a tight relationship.
Aaron stayed at Timothy’s bedside in the final days of his fight for survival,
feeding him and keeping his spirits up.

Aaron was in his residence with his fiancée and children when police arrived on the night of his death.
Aaron’s family member dialed 911 to request a welfare check and to inform dispatch that Aaron was armed and suicidal.
Since his brother’s death earlier that morning, Aaron’s family had been concerned about his level of distress.

Police arrived and surrounded the flat,
and it appeared that the matter had been resolved after a series of confrontations between Aaron and the officers.
The apartment’s inhabitants all left, and Aaron walked behind them with his hands behind his head.
But he refused to raise his hands in the air when authorities asked him to.
Police claimed he wasn’t cooperating and shot him six times with beanbag rounds.
Aaron tried to run away after this assault.
So they released a police dog to chase him,
and at that point officer Ron Frashour shot Aaron in the back with an AR-15 weapon.

Aaron died on the spot.

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